08 January 2016

The Ghosts of the Forest - Dylan

Often I heard strange noises between the dark trees, during my daily walks on the hills around my home town.  It gave me a shock every time. There was no smell and I never saw any creature.
My mother, a believer in the goddog 'Lupus', used to tell me and my two brothers stories about dogs with wings, spirits of  evil hounds, holy bitches, and the like. I clearly remember a story about a enormous hound with red eyes, somewhere in a town called Baskerville. Because of all those stories, I was always afraid to go outside on my own in the dark and I had often bad dreams about it.
Is there more in this world than I can see?

Eurasian Jay - Garrulus glandarius
Now more than 8 years old, Thomas, one of my brothers, and I have a house and garden of our own. We have two attendants, a human male and female, who have their rooms upstairs. They are very intelligent and often have discussions about all kinds of interesting subjects. They can talk to each other for hours. Listening to them, while I'm resting in my basket, I know now that my mother's stories were just stories, because there is no truth to them at all. She was possibly indoctrinated by her Setteric family and I think that the humans around her were not very helpful either. I heard that our father, a secular Sheeper, had a kind of a scientific education, but he left our mother before we were born, so he could not inform us about the natural world.

One day, a few months ago, on our walk with our male attendant, we heard the noise again and all three of us looked in the direction from where it was coming. 'Look over there', our attendant said, 'two jays, what beautiful birds they are!'
You see, now I know what the noise was. So if you keep your eyes, ears and nose wide open, than you can learn a lot about the real things. Other animals than Homo can be sapiens too, you know!`



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